Family Law


A family lawyer is not a therapist; our job is to get you through difficult family matters. But helping you deal with painful transitions requires understanding and patience.

At Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC, of New Haven, Connecticut, we know that clients are dealing with significant hurt, anxiety, anger and other feelings. We work to reduce stress by keeping you informed and answering your questions, while moving your case forward without undue delay.

Attuned To What Your Family Needs

Only you know what is best for you and your family. Our experienced advice will help you make the right decisions that will protect the people you care about and provide for their future.

Our lawyers can help you with all of your family law problems, including:

  • Divorce
  • Division of property
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Tax advice
  • Asset evaluation
  • Locating hidden assets
  • Retirement assets, including QDROs
  • Guardianships and conservatorships
  • Name changes
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

A Rational Approach To Family Law

At Berdon, Young & Margolis, PC, our experienced attorneys are mindful of the unnecessary damage inexperienced lawyering can cause to important relationships. Parents may become divorced, but they remain family to their children. We are mindful of your family’s future and are committed to civility and firm-but-fair representation.

Many family transitions are occasions for grieving. We understand that, and we try to get good results for you while acknowledging the emotions you properly feel.